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What is M2M?
So, what is Mother-to-Mother? It is essentially a
mentoring program that pairs young mothers with
experienced mothers.  Our mission is to strive to
create self-confident young parents with hope for
the future through education, support and services
in partnership with the community.

What We Do
In addition to the above we
  • sponsor regularly-scheduled activities where you
    can meet and participate in programs that
    promote the physical and social growth of you
    and your child
  • Introduce you to additional programs and
    services in the community
  • offer encouragement and advice while you
    continue your education and prepare for the

If You Join
You will be paired with a mentor who will
  • listen to you and offer her experience
  • applaud your accomplishments
  • share the good times as well as the bad
  • maybe even go shopping with you!

You will receive information and instruction
concerning important child care issues such as
  • safe sleep for infants
  • the advantages of breastfeeding
  • childhood immunizations
  • infant massage techniques
  • shaken baby syndrome

You will be invited to join other young mothers
and their babies for activities such as
  • organized play groups
  • monthly meetings with guest speakers

You will receive help and encouragement to
  • finish your high school education or earn a HSE
  • continue your education in vocational or college
  • seek a job
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