A vision of healthy people, living in healthy communities.
Regional Healthcare Foundation
offers scholarships to encourage
Stoddard County residents entering
healthcare professions.

$10,000 Regional Healthcare
Foundation Scholarship
Stoddard County High School seniors who
will be going into the health care profession
may apply for the $10,000 Regional
Healthcare Foundation Scholarship. The
applicant must score a minimum of 25 on the
ACT.  The applications are available at the
Foundation office and Stoddard County
School Counselors.  Winners of  scholarship
is announced at the Annual Meeting in April

Julie Minton Memorial Scholarship
All Stoddard County residents who are
accepted into a graduate Physical Therapy
program in the state of Missouri will be
awarded a $10,000 scholarship in memory
of Julie Minton, All Stoddard County
residents who are accepted into a Dexter
Hospital’s first physical therapist.  Contact
the Foundation for more details
In the News
Julia Hahn was awarded the 2016 RHF
Scholarship. This $10,000 scholarship
was awarded at RHF's annual meeting.  
Julia is the daughter of Brad and Melissa
Hahn. Winners are selected by three out
of county judges. Applicants are seniors
from Stoddard County high schools or
they may be home schooled. Applicants
must be pursuing a degree in the health
or medical field. Julia plans to attend the
University of Alabama and pursue a
degree in chemical engineering on a
pre-med track and eventually attending
medical school and specialize in
pediatric oncology. Pictured above is Mr.
Aaron Mathis, RHF Board President and
Miss Julia Hahn.