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Exercise for Wellness Program

The “TRI” Team Fitness Challenge is a “free” program for the community.  It is designed to encourage weight loss and
improvement of health.  Diabetes is a disease on the rise with all age groups and weight management is key to helping
combat this disease.  There are many benefits to weight control to improve overall health.  The challenge is a popular
program for weekly progress check, team support and encouragement.  It is a simple practical step to weight loss with
confidential weigh in accountability every Wednesday.     

The 2017 “TRI” Team Fitness Challenge and Exercise For Wellness Program began January 11, 2017.  One hundred
twenty six, eager participants began the journey of weight loss and weighing in every Wednesday between 7:30 a.m. – 5:
30 p.m. at the Regional Healthcare Foundation office.  The competition ended Wednesday April 26th.  If a participant had
a weight loss on Weigh In Wednesday, their name went into a drawing for a $25 Wal-Mart Card. Handouts about nutrition,
health and weight loss  were given out along with items provided by local business supporters of the Challenge each
week.  A large progress chart was posted each week by team names.  The chart showed the percentage of weight loss
for the teams.  The team names were very catchy and clever.  Examples:  Wii Fat, Lean Queens, In It To Thin It, Fit Er
Done, Forever Flab U Less, Dininishing Divas, Mc Do Nots, Salad Eaters

VNA nurses took blood pressures at the beginning and at the conclusion of the challenge.  A vast majority of
participants saw blood pressure improvements as   weight loss progressed.

Nancy Bridges , Regional Healthcare Foundation’s Facilitator for  Mother 2 Mother Baby Boutique  and Food Events,
made healthy breakfast bars for one Weigh In Wednesday.

Community Sponsors  included:
Southeast Health – Double Wall Infusion Tumblers , Cookbooks, Cooler Bags Diabetes Handouts
First Missouri Bank – Stress Balls
University of Missouri Extension Office – Healthy Recipes
Reynolds State Farm Agency – Can Cozzies & Kitchen Measurement Magnets
Fitness Connection – 3 Punch Cards for Classes & 3 One Month Memberships
VNA (Visiting Nurses Association) – Notepads, Pens, Breakfast Bars
MPower – Portion Plates

Cash prizes are based on the percentage of weight loss for the team.   The individual who has lost the greatest number
of pounds will also receive a cash prize.

2017 “TRI” Team Fitness Challenge Winning Teams

1st Place Team Prize $1,000
Bringing Sexy Back  18.04 Percentage of Loss
LaDawn Cossey
Angie Laden
Cody Pullum

2nd Place Team Prize $500
Shed The Lead  14.09 Percentage of Loss
Reanna Laden
Scott Laden
John Pyles

3rd Place Team Prize $250
Repeat Offenders  13.88  Percentage of Loss
Angie Dugan
Debbie Stogsdill
Rodney Stogsdill

The Individual who lost the greatest number of pounds  wins $250 - Scott Laden who lost 51.6 pounds over the course of
16 weeks competition

Participants are to be commended for their dedication to improve their health by achieving weight loss.  Congratulations
to the winning teams and to the individual who lost the most pounds during the competition.

Perfect Attendance prizes of $15 Wal-Mart Cards were also awarded to 15 people!  
Congrats to them for being so conscientious!

                                                      2017 Exercise For Wellness Program
                                                                                    Cash Winners:
                                                                                    $100 -   John Atkinson
                                                                                    $50 – Marilyn Brehmer
                                                                                    $50 – Jerry Triplett

What is the “Exercise For Wellness Program”?
It is a ”free” program to create community awareness of the benefits of exercising for fitness and health for all age
groups.  The goal is to promote and maintain exercising as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise For Wellness (formerly
Walkers for Wellness) was combined with the “TRI” Team Fitness challenge this year.  Participants could choose to
participate in one or both programs.  A participant’s name was added to a drawing each time they logged in exercise
time and if they lost weight and blood pressure was down at the end of the session.  We had many people log exercise
times for every day of the challenge.
JANUARY 11, 2017 - APRIL 26, 2017
Pictured: Left to Right
Angie Laden, LaDawn Cossey and
LeVeda Scates, Fitnes Challenge
Program Coordinator
Not Pictured- Cody Pullum
Pictured: Left to Right
Marilyn Brehmer and Jerry Triplett
Not Pictured - John Atkinson
Pictured: Left to Right
LeVeda Scates, Fitnes
Challenge Program
Coordinator and Scott Laden